Why coding class is one of the greatest gift you could ever give to your child in 2020?

According to technology experts, learning to code is essential for survival and success in today’s digital world. Coding is atop job skill not only demanded in Google, Apple, Facebook or other giant information technology companies, but highly demanded as well in hospitals, banks, government offices, and all other businesses. Coding will play a key role shaping the future of individuals and organizations.

Learning to code from scratch might be difficult and challenging for adults, but the journey to learn coding might be much easier and more exciting for youth and kids. As parents, our duty is to prepare our children for a future that is driven by digitization and automation, and help them stay relevant and successful in this new world. The World Economic Forum advises parents to invest in teaching kids to code at an early age to prepare them future driven by disruption and continuous change. By making such critical investment, we insure that coding becomes integral part of children development, and help them keep connected to technology in healthy and productive ways throughout their academic and professional lives.

Coding is not only a top job skill in the 21st skill only; but it is also the language of the modern world. Coding fluency is central for social and business lives in the world of digitization and automation. Technology experts explain that today’s children will need to learn to code or they will be coded by others.  In other words, by teaching our kids to code, we help them augment their human potential. As a result, many governments are trying to incorporate coding in school system. However, schools are facing many challenges while trying to incorporate computer science in school curriculum. Technology changes quickly, train teachers, and lack of public funds. The point is that we should not leave our children behind because coding education is limited or even not available at your child’s school. Investing in building healthy and productive relation between our children and coding will have many benefits and rewards that children will appreciate your investment as they grow and progress in their education and careers,  and will soon realize the impact of coding knowledge on the quality of their lives and well being.

Over the past few years, Mississauga Code Club helped hundreds of young learners from diverse backgrounds to find their pathways in coding and robotics. Here are few testimonials from parents showing the impact of MCC coding and robotics classes on their children:

A mother of youth wrote: “My son joined with Pyhton Physical Computing course and he likes it so much. He now has knowledges to make shapes and patterns with codes and he also can code a robot to move left and right or make it flash lights when there are obstacles in front of the robot. The best thing that he did is that he had dun with his friends there and learned a lot of things that will be useful for the future”

A mother of young child wrote: “Mississauga Code Club is definitely a right place to learn coding and robotics. They have knowledgeable and patience teachers who know how to deal with young kids from all ages. Their small class size promotes better personal attention to their students. My son really enjoyed it and always looking forward to attend his class. He is happy that he is able to create a simple video game and learnt so much about coding. After scratch program, he has moved on to Python 1 and eager to join Python 2 and Java next year”.

A father of youth who is interested in Python wrote” Teachers are friendly, professional and helpful. My son enjoyed it a lot and learned well. We are continuing with them for the full Python program”.

A mother of two children said” My two sons go to this place. They come home every time saying how much they like the class, how nice the instructors are and how much they’ve learned.In my opinion this is the best place for kids to learn coding and robotics”.

Thanks to all parents who provided us with their feedback to encourage other parents to facilitate the journey for their children to learn coding. It is not too late to start the coding the future of your children. The registration for Winter2020 is now open. Take advantage of our New Year discount (use this code: newyear2020), and if you need help to decide the what is the right course for your child, don’t hesitate to call us at 416-992-3281 or by email: Registering your child in coding class is one of the greatest gift you could ever give to your child. It might change the life of your child for ever!