Top 10 Reasons Why Parents Need to Engage their Children in Code Learning at an Early Age

Coding is the primary way of communication with computers, and allows computer programmers to create software, websites, mobile apps, digital games and other artifacts.  If you want to set your children for success in school and life, then you should consider getting them engaged in code education programs at an early age. Here are the top 10 reasons why parents should engage your children in code education:

Coding Fosters Academic Success

  • Logic and Math:   Coding helps kids use logic and math solves real world problems.  In other words, coding teaches kids how to think, and analyze problems in different ways. By learning to code, kids learn to break large problems in terms of smaller pieces in order to solve it. T o achieve this goal in problem solving, they rely on math in creative and fun ways.
  • Writing skills:  Coding allows children to value concision and sequential thinking, which results in improved writing and storytelling skills.
  • Passion for learning: Coding allows children to develop self-learning skills, and experiment code development on their own, by using wide range of online resources. By doing so, coding teaches kids over years to learn how to learn and eventually become a life-long learner.
  • Confidence: Coding foster confidence among young learners, as they learn to solve problems through coding.

Coding Builds Soft Skills

  • Focus and organization:  As kids start writing complex code, kids will develop focus and organization.
  • Resilience and persistence: coding depends on trial and error. Therefore, it helps children learn from mistakes and bounce from failure. Coding offers children the opportunity to maintain resilient spirits to try and try again until they succeed and exceed their expectations.
  • Communication skills: By enhancing thinking skills, coding also foster verbal and written communication skills.


Coding Paves Future Pathways

  • Empowerment: Coding makes kids feel empowered to make difference by writing different types code, to solve real-world challenges.
  • Life skills: Coding is a rising as a basic literacy in the new digital age, and it is important skill for kids to learn so they can think and innovate with the new technological landscapes that surrounds young learners.
  • Career awareness: Demand for coding skills is growing exponentially in today’s global digital economy. By mastering coding at young age, kids will be able to start mapping their professional future in any field of their interest.

All in all, if you have children, then the best investment you might give them is helping them learn coding while they are young. By doing so, you pave their pathways to successful futures. You can start your child’s journey to learn coding is by registering the child in one of Mississauga Code Club introductory courses.