MCC – Story

MCC Story

A few years back when my youngest son Ibraheem was in grade two, he was like many other children into computers and gaming. I was thinking about how to turn this passion for games, into something positive. I wanted to help him improve his skills in computing, and take him to the next level in computer programming. I went to his school, and I talked to the vice principle to ask her about any available opportunities in Mississauga to help my son learn more about computers and information technology.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t aware of anything in Mississauga. At that moment, the idea came to me: “Why not create a space for kids to teach them coding?” I’m a computer science specialist with high honors in Interactive multimedia from Sheridan College. I taught computer science in Jordan, and Palestine. I also have a limitless passion for teaching and learning with kids.

After a few months, I started Mississauga Code Club (MCC).  I remember the first code club we ran had a small group of four children including my son Ibraheem. Over the last three years, the MCC name has spread in the city, and more children not only wanted to join, but they also wanted to continue the journey to learn code. With the collective effort of our young coders, their committed parents, and passionate facilitators and helpers; we have created a wonderful and healthy learning environment for everyone. MCC has now 3 classes running all year long with more than 40 kids.


Mississauga Code Club is a non-profit focused on developing critical digital and technology skills among young learners, to prepare them to find professional pathways in today’s growing digital economy. Mississauga Code Club offers quarterly coding, digital media, and robotics courses for kids, youth and girls of age 8-16. The growing enrollment in our courses reflects high quality and community’s trust in our offerings.

What do we teach?


learn the basics of HTML and CSS and how to structure and style your webpage.

JAVA & C++

fundamental programming concepts, including object-oriented programming (OOP) using Java/ C++.


Gain the robotics skills that are needed today and in the future. Design, build and program a simple robot and share it with other learners.

Video games with Scratch

This introductory programming language made by MIT that uses building blocks of code that fit together to create a programs, games and apps.

Video Creation

Youth will be taught to understand the balance between storytelling and technology, while learning the basics of editing, video recording and cinematography.

Digital Arts with processing

Learn how to use computer-programming software (Processing) to create works of art and design.

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