MCC is a not for profit organization with an overall mission to empower kids, girls and youth to be makers, creators, and innovators,of technology in the new era of Industrial Revolution 4.0

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Your donation to MCC has significant social and community impact. It will help us work with kids, youth and families to prepare them for deep societal changes caused by the Industrial Revolution 4.0. More precisely, the donation will help us deliver  free  workshops to promote  STEM / STEAM education among kids, youth, girls in Mississauga and surrounding areas. We also organize free parent education events. The purpose of these events is  to educate parents and families about the critical importance of  developing coding and robotics skills for the future of their kids. Donation will have more impact on girls. It is are needed to let more girls attend  courses in coding and robotics at Mississauga Code Club. By doing so, you help in breaking gender divide in digital technology sectors. All in all, money should not be a barrier in front of kids  to learn and develop their skills in Coding and Robotics and grow active makers of technology.



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