Digital Citizenship for Teens

We are excited to launch the first Digital Citizenship Education for Teens at Mississauga Code Club. Digital citizenship teaches young people how to think and act safely and responsibly online. Our new course is titled Teens Online: Making Smart Online Choices for Teens. Digital citizenship is receiving a growing interest among educators and parents to help young people develop safe, responsible and smart online habits and practices.

Digital citizenship is used to help people and especially young learners to navigate the digital world, which is metaphorically described as a sea. People living in this digital sea need proper skills to swim and thrive, otherwise survival is not assured.  Teens Online is a program designed to help teens age 11- 16 acquire understandings and skills to make smart online choices and interact successfully in this new digital world. This program consists of three workshops focused on building digital citizenship skills among teens. In these series of practical workshops teens will learn how to stay safe and secure online, develop choices to balance their digital lives, so they grow as smart and effective participants in the new digital world. Teens will be engaged in many reflective activities, and group discussions.

Day 1: Stay Safe and Secure Online

In this workshop teens will be introduced to the risks associated of being online such identity theft resulting from sharing personal information online with a range of people including friends.  They will also learn how to protect themselves and others from cyber bullying. They also learn the principles of safe and respectful online behavior.

Day 2: Balance Your Digital Life

This workshop will be focused on balancing media choices, dealing with online peer pressure, and managing teen’s digital footprint and reputation.

Day 3: Be a Smart and Effective Participant in the Digital World

In the last workshop teens will learn how to do and create good things with technology for themselves and others. They will learn how to develop choices and practices that lead them to successful and meaningful future pathways in the digital world. They will learn how to start building their digital portfolio before finishing high school, learn new skills from online resources, develop interests and passions and create original content from such emerging interests to include in your digital portfolio. You can register your teens in this important program at this link: